How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter

How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter

Has your Twitter timeline become bloated with too many unnecessary tweets and you want to know how to mass follow on Twitter? Your crowded Twitter homepage is a result of the huge amounts of people that you have followed and to have a cleaner and crisper Twitter experience, you’ll need to unfollow the unnecessary Twitter accounts. Unfollowing then one by one can be a pretty laborious task. Therefore, today we have brought to you the step by step guide on how to mass unfollow on Twitter

Twitter is a very lively and vivid place with millions of users from all around the world sharing their thoughts, ideas, pictures, and all other social things through their tweets. Now, who would like to miss out on all this fun and interesting information? Obviously nobody! So, what people do is that they follow a lot of other people and pages without realizing that this would make their Twitter timeline very congested and clumsy. And it is at this very moment that people realize that they need to learn how to mass unfollow on Twitter.

How to Mass Unfollow on Twitter Who Don’t Follow You

People usually use Twitter in order to share their ideas, thoughts, or sometimes feelings with other people. Also, some people use Twitter to obtain information about anything. You might follow many people, but sometimes they do not follow you back. In such a case, you usually want to unfollow them. If you don’t know how to mass unfollow on Twitter, there are many applications for that. These applications show you people who don’t follow you. After learning those who are not your followers, you can click the “Unfollow” button to unfollow them. Now, let’s get detailed information about how to unfollow on Twitter.

How To Unfollow On Twitter

To unfollow an account on Twitter, you have two options. You could either use the traditional way of unfollowing accounts one by one or you could use web plugins and third party websites to mass unfollow multiple accounts at a time. The latter is more preferable as the conventional way takes too much time especially when there are too many accounts to unfollow.

Traditional Way To Unfollow on Twitter

  • To unfollow someone from your following list in the traditional one by one way, you’ll need to log in to your Twitter account.
  • After that, click on the navigation menu button (represented by three parallel horizontal lines).
  • Then go to the Profile section and click on Following.
  • Then identify the Twitter account that you would like to unfollow and then uncheck the checkbox next to the Following icon.
  • You’ll be successfully unfollowed.

Mass Unfollow on Twitter With the Help of Third-Party Web Plugins

You can mass unfollow on Twitter through the help of numerous web plugins available on the internet that allow users to mass unfollow on Twitter. You’ll need to login to Twitter through these applications and then you’ll be able to use their robust features to mass unfollow on Twitter. Here are some of the best third-party web plugins and websites for this:

  4. Twitter Unfollow plug-in for Chrome
  5. Mass Follow For Twitter plug-in for Chrome

Before proceeding, you should carefully read all the terms and conditions of the third party website and web plugins regarding your data storage and protection. You should also carefully read and understand Twitter’s rules and regulations regarding the same.