How to remove bathroom sink stopper

How to remove bathroom sink stopper

How to remove bathroom sink stopper ? Bathroom sink stoppers are simple devices that fit over the drain of a bathroom sink. Over time mineral sediment can build up, causing an ineffective seal between the stopper and the drain. When this happens, either water will not drain from your sink or it takes too long for the water to drain. No matter what type of bathroom sink stopper you have, removing it is usually a straightforward job with just a few tools.

No-Tools-Required Method to Remove Bathroom Sink Stoppers

Some American Standard bathroom sinks have screw-on hinges on their pop-up drains. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the screws by turning counterclockwise until they come free (Image 1). Lift the pop-up stopper from the drain.

Tools-Required Method to Remove Bathroom Sink Stoppers

If your bathroom sink does not have screw-on hinges, you can use another easy method to remove it.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the sink.
  2. Remove the clip on underside of the handle with a pair of needle nose pliers
  3. Wrap a rubber band or string around plunger arm until plunger is tightly pressed against body of plunger.
  4. Insert a thin pry bar between overflow plate and countertop , then gently pull up on overflow plate until it comes free of mounting holes in countertop.
  5. Use adjustable wrench to unscrew adjustment ring nut inside of tank by turning counterclockwise until it comes free.
  6. Remove the plastic nut that secures the stopper assembly to the sink drain by turning counterclockwise with adjustable wrench until it comes free.
  7. Unscrew plastic knob at bottom of plunger tube by inserting flat head screwdriver into small slot and gently prying off while holding handle of plunger tube. This should release tension in plunger.
  8. Lift up on plunger slightly to remove from inside overflow plate, then lift stopper/plunger assembly out of tank through open hole in overflow plate.

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Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

Use adjustable wrench to remove screw that secures stopper/plunger assembly to sink drain by turning counterclockwise until it comes free. Pull off rubber washer from bottom of plunger, then lift out stopper through open hole in overflow plate.

To reassemble your bathroom sink, first line up plastic gasket with base of overflow cover and ensure slotted portion is on top. Insert the back edge of overflow cover into holes on tank, then use your fingers to press against front corner where drain hole is located so you can insert the front edge under the lip of the tank. Once front edge is under lip, press down firmly on corners until overflow cover is in place. Slip hole in end of plunger tube over the threaded post on top of plunger (make sure rubber washer is in place), then insert screw into hole and tighten by turning clockwise. Screw plastic nut onto threaded post until it’s tight. If necessary, reattach clip to underside of handle.

Now you can turn on the water supply and test your bathroom sink for proper drainage.