Five Kitchen Design Trends in 2022 You Need To Know About

Remodeling your kitchen is going to change the way you prepare food and enjoy your meals. Picking a design for your kitchen can feel like a huge commitment. Functionality is one of the things you should look for, but you should also look for a design that you won’t get tired of over the years. These five kitchen design trends will help you create a modern and functional kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends 2022

With these five kitchen Design Trends your kitchen will be amazing in 2022.

Rethink Storage

Think about storing items in function of when you need them. You could for instance have a storage section dedicated to the food items you need for breakfast and another one for the items you only use when you are baking. There are other storage options outside of kitchen cabinets. Bins and baskets on shelves are a more versatile storage system. Get some clear bins so you can easily see where each item is.

Opt For Neutral Colors

Committing to a color pattern for your new kitchen design can be risky. You might get tired of the colors after a while or might have a hard time with finding appliances that match. You should consider sticking to neutral colors. You can get a modern effect with a simple black and white color pattern, mix a glossy white with stainless steel appliances for a classy design or opt for neutral gray if you want some color.

Get A Quartz Countertop

Adding a countertop to your kitchen is going to give you more space you can use to prepare food. Your countertop can double as a small bar where you can enjoy your breakfast. If you want to add or replace an old countertop, choose quartz over granite. These countertops are made with crushed quartz mixed with resin and are more durable and affordable than granite countertops. Besides, you can find a wide range of styles and colors.

Get Creative With LED lights

LED lights are more energy-efficient than other light sources. They don’t emit any heat and are very easy to install in your kitchen. You can find ribbons of LED lights that can be installed anywhere in your kitchen. You could for instance attach a ribbon of LED lights underneath cabinets to light up your food prep space.

Make Your Kitchen More Functional With An Island Or Cart

Kitchen islands are a good alternative to countertops. Get an island that will function as a small bar and as a food prep area if you have a small kitchen. You can sit down and enjoy your meals at your kitchen island if you have a small family. Think about getting a cart instead if you want something even smaller or want to be able to easily move your cart to different areas of the kitchen or even to a different room.

These five kitchen design trends are going to help you create a functional room. They can make a small kitchen seem larger, help you be more organized and provide you with a space where you will enjoy preparing food and spending quality time with your family.